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Financial & Accounting Disputes

Although “accounting” may be the language of business, few lawyers speak it – and most litigators avoid it notwithstanding the potential disadvantage to their clients. Therefore, when a person or business becomes involved in a dispute involving accounting or financial issues, retaining the advocate completely comfortable in the ‘world of numbers’ provides the continuous benefit of both professional disciplines at all times. The efficiency of the multi-discipline perspective saves time as well as money and removes the risks of concepts being lost during the translation from the ‘accounting-speak’ to the vernacular used for trial presentation.  Mr. Pedigo is a licensed CPA and has a Masters in Tax Law from Georgetown University Law Center.  This educational background provides him with the ability to identify a wide range of potential financial issues that can advance the interest of Miller Keffer Pedigo’s client in this specific type of dispute.

This capability is in contrast to the typical attorney who must retain outside expert assistance on accounting matters and then spend the extra time learning the significance of the accounting issues and how to develop these concepts for use in litigation.  Our background with financial and economic matters also helps Miller Keffer Pedigo spot potential financial anomalies and trends that a trial counsel without such financial training and years of related litigation of such disputes could potentially overlook.  There is no reason to take such  a risk.

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