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Government Investigations

In our increasingly regulated economy, it is more and more common for businesses as well as individuals to find themselves in a situation responding to a Government Investigation – conducted either by a state or federal agency.  When this circumstance occurs, it is necessarily important for the private citizen to develop a thorough and accurate response to the investigative demand.  However, the response should also begin to communicate the defense perspective.  [Sometimes this approach can be difficult especially if the government’s representative is not initially interested in exposure to another point of view.] 

For federal investigative demands, understanding both the nuances and objectives of the ongoing Government Investigation is particularly critical in the formulation of a response that is effective and efficient (in terms of legal costs and demands on employee time).  Miller Keffer Pedigo can provide this type of legal assistance because such representations significantly benefit from the involvement of an experienced former federal prosecutor.  Lawson Pedigo has this specific background and training therefore engaging Miller Keffer Pedigo on a Government Investigation representation provides our prospective clients with an attorney with the practical sense to know how to best: a) streamline the response process, and b) identify opportunities to present key facts necessary for the government’s representatives to appreciate all facets concerning the conduct or transaction under scrutiny. 

On a related point, the possibility of further “parallel” proceedings involving, for example, state licensing agencies, or exposure to private litigation, is a dimension routinely raised by a Government Investigation.  For the same considerations outlined above, engaging Miller Keffer Pedigo to provide Strategic Counsel is your best choice to ensure receiving experienced counsel who can take into account all the risk factors presented in these situations.

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