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International Fraud - Civil & Criminal

This area of practice, although rarely called for, demands hiring a firm like Miller Keffer Pedigo with lawyers who have actually traveled around the world to represent international clients or domestic entities with operations in foreign jurisdictions.  This type of background qualification is critical to the development of a lawyer’s instincts and know-how for coordinating multi-country legal defenses and recovery of asset practices. At Miller Keffer Pedigo, Lawson Pedigo has participated and coordinated these types of professional engagements and has the capability to provide Strategic Counsel when a multi-national fraud is uncovered.

Mr. Pedigo has represented clients’ interests in Asia, Europe, the U.K., and Mexico.  In this regard, he has been relied on to undertake major investigative and recovery tasks in those jurisdictions.  These experiences have enabled him to establish many contacts and professional relationships with quality counsel throughout the world and learn first-hand the dynamics of international legal problem-solving.  In particular, devising recovery strategies which blend potential criminal enforcement considerations in concert with complementary civil recovery initiatives – and in multiple jurisdictions – is the type of legal counsel fraud victims need to have.  These are real legal problems your lawyer needs to have handled rather than just read about.

Furthermore, while abroad Mr. Pedigo has been asked to make legal presentations to lawyers from Taiwan, Mexico, and the major European jurisdictions, to educate his international colleagues on highlights of U.S. law and do so in professional legal education seminars providing the opportunity for him to learn much about other nations’ legal systems.

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