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Miller Keffer Pedigo is a specialty law firm formed by select attorneys with vast trial experience and substantial work in the public interest - political and legislative, environmental, law enforcement (federal) and military. Our record of facing the toughest challenges qualifies our firm and its attorneys to handle your most difficult legal problems.

The variety of accomplishments, as well as the many and diverse fields of endeavor, enables our attorneys to understand the most nuanced aspects of legal problems affecting typical business operations and then efficiently identify, construct, and implement the best alternative of all available courses of action — to include consideration of appellate strategies from the outset.

Even with our broad experience and industry contacts, we maintain a personalized style so that the entity or individual we represent knows our firm is not only their zealous advocate, but also that we care about achieving the outcome the client needs and expects. We can join an existing legal team or provide reinforcements for an ongoing project that needs the skills and perspective one of our attorneys can bring to bear on the situation.

Our clients know that we provide value and assistance in a way that maximizes existing attorney-client relationships. In effect, this allows for the intelligent expansion of an existing client-law firm relationship on a specific basis and with the minimum of change to longstanding attorney-client relationships. We can also become involved, no matter how late in the process, to serve as trial counsel - especially for adversarial proceedings involving environmental claims or any type of financial or fraud-related subject matter or dispute.

We also work with corporate counsel by forming relationships to deal with certain recurring legal issues and topics. Prospective benefits can result from the implementation of key defense strategies or policies before a claim or allegation arises. This approach is a strategy that typically provides more (and better) options later down the road when a sensitive issue materializes.


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Emerging Practice Area

FDIC - Director and Officer Defense

Read Bloomberg News article: FDIC May Seek More Than $1 Billion From Failed-Bank Executives

“Accounting is the language of business, and if your attorney can simultaneously combine the disciplines of law and accounting in their review of the legal issues, this wider aperture is a real advantage in the handling of complex financial disputes.”

Disciplines Include:

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